Monday, July 02, 2007

Introducing AnnaClaire OHGWQ

Admiring my beautiful quilt
Our family minus Will with Maryellen (she made it)
Em, the Bu, and Maryellen with the quilt
Look at MY quilt!
Looking at all the pretty squares
I love my quilt!
Thank you, Maryellen!
Look at me on my One Hundred Good Wishes Quilt!
I'm so cute on it!
See my pretty quilt?
So much love went into my quilt!
The back reads this:
Each square is quilted on with double hearts
Can you find your square?
The whole quilt

June 30 was the big day! Not only was AnnaClaire the flower girl in her cousin's wedding, but also, Maryellen gave us the quilt. It is absolutely beautiful. I have never seen a more beautiful quilt. There is a total of 96 squares on the quilt. We had more than that, but we picked one square from each person (a few people gave us 2 squares) and Maryellen also only did one or 2 of the ones we had duplicates of so that the quilt didn't turn out too big. It is a twin sized quilt. The very center square is the monogrammed one which is perfect for the middle. Maryellen also made a matching pillow and it is so pretty!! I will take a picture of it and post it later.

AnnaClaire loves her quilt already. She just knows it is hers. She hugs it, holds it, lays on it, kisses it, and proudly her face says "that's MY quilt".

I love that each square is quilted on by a heart. I think that is the most perfect reminder of the love that went into the quilt. Maryellen also layed out the squares beautifully seperating the same colors from eachother so that there is pink, green, blue, yellow, red spread evenly on the quilt. Also on the border, she made sure not to stich over the bodies of the little girls, so you can really see them. How much time and care went into the making of the quilt! Completing the quilt on the very back is a little note that Maryellen wrote reading To AnnaClaire: "May God bless you always." Stiched by- Maryellen M, Houston Texas, June 2007.

You can tell how much work and time Maryellen put into this quilt. We sent all the quilt stuff to her back in February and this whole time, she has been working day after day on the quilt. She said some days she worked 8 hours quilting it. There truly is no way to express our thanks to Maryellen. What a treasure AnnaClaire's One Hundred Good Wishes Quilt is!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Quilt updates and another square!

This wish arrived in March from my mom's really good friend, Mrs. Bush, and their family in IL. It is our 101st wish! We now have all the squares for AnnaClaire's quilt. Thank you so much "Aunt" Nancy, "Uncle" Darrel, Allysa, and Ryan! When I took this picture, we had already sent the square to Maryellen, so that's why the fabric isn't pictured.
In other news, Maryellen is hoping to have AnnaClaire's quilt ready to bring to us at my cousin, Matthew's wedding in June! How exciting!!

Monday, February 05, 2007

It's going to be made!!!!!!!

Grandma and AC holding the package containing our squares!

All our squares ready to go!

Today, Mom and I worked on counting and re counting all our squares. We got 2 from lots of people, so we narrowed it down to 1 from each person so there will be as many wishes as squares. We packaged them all up and put in quilt samples that we like, gave it to Grandma, and Grandma will give it to Maryellen, my Dad's brother in law's mother/grandma's friend to sew up beautifully!!!! We are so thankful to Maryellen for taking on this task!!!!!!!! With the rest of the squares, I'm going to put my sewing skills to work and make a "cuddle quilt". We'll see how that turns out! We still have one more square on the way, so we'll send that to Maryellen to include on the quilt!

Make sure to check below to see out newest quilt square!

*********NUMBER 100***********

Well, well, well!!!!!!! We have received 100 WISHES! I know one more is on it's way, so I guess we will end with a total of 101 wishes!!!

THANK YOU TO THE SEIBERTS of FOR OUR 100TH SQUARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love the fabric and the wish is so sweet. I love how you did the Welcome Home song you were telling me about! It's so special! THANK YOU!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

#99!!!!! From Meibeth's family!!!

Our 99th wish came this week from our cyberfriends, the Cannons! Thank you Meibeth and family for this beautiful wish and square!

1 MORE...and it's on it's way!!!!!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

#97 and #98!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From the Rens family! (Fellow AWAA family going to get their baby, Jaya, in 4 days!!!)
From Dad's work friends! One of them put this together to make the Wachovia symbol and cross stitched the "Welcome AnnaClaire ~Your Wachovia Friends" thing!
These are our two newest quilt squares, making our total *98*!!!!! Only 2 more! Thank you to both Jaya's family and Wachovia for these beautiful wishes and squares!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Wishes 95 and 96 from Ge Ges (big brothers)

From Ge Ge Will:
From Ge Ge Drew:
Well, the boys did their wishes and I think they did good. I helped a little with the fun backround paper, but they picked it out and did their wishes. Will's fabric is a fabric we got in China. (which makes sense because Will was in China with us.) Drew's fabric is one of the many we had that he picked out. So now AnnaClaire has wishes and squares from her entire family! Just 4 more until we hit the 100 mark! If you are interested in swapping, feel free to email me (email adress somewhere in the profile.)

Friday, January 05, 2007

Wish #94!!! (and pictures of #92 and 93)

Here is AnnaClaire with our 3 newest squares. Cute, huh?

From the Greens! Thanks so much!
From the Groves! Thank you!

We got another quilt square today! Thank you so much to the Mitchells for this adorable wish and darling frog fabric! And thank you Victoria for the beautiful picture you drew AnnaClaire!